Payment Terms

Payment options

For ordered goods it is possible, at the buyer's option, to pay:


1. Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery is only possible in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The minimum order amount for this payment is 350CZK / 15Eur.

• Payment upon receipt of goods from the shipping service

• Cost of the COD in the Czech Republic is 49 CZK


2. Accelerated Bank Transfer. Provides a ComGate payment gateway *

Payment by accelerated wire transfer is possible in the Czech Republics.

Payment in advance by bank account transfer. Goods are dispatched usually on the next business day after payment of the invoiced amount. Payment is secured by ComGate payment gateway.

Banks that allows the accelerated payment.


české banky

For all other Czech banks, the payment gateway provides regular bank transfers with a confirmation on the second day.



3. Standard bank transfer.

Payment by bank transfer is possible throughout the European Union.

Payment in advance by bank account transfer. You will receive the necessary payment details in the email accepting your order upon completion of the order. Goods are dispatched usually on the next business day after payment of the invoiced amount.


4. Payment by credit card. Provides a ComGate payment gateway *

We accept non-cash payments by credit card throughout the European Union.

Payments are provided by the payment gateway. All common cards are accepted.


 * ComGate Payments Payment Gateway, a.s.

• After sending the order, the Customer has the option of using a payment gateway service that redirects it to its bank's internet banking or to a secure card payment page. Once the transaction has been completed, the gateway will provide information about transaction to the eshop, which can dispatch the goods immediately after receipt of the payment receipt. Money transfers are made through ComGate Payments, a.s.

• Sensitive data you enter into the Internet banking system are protected by banks' payment gateways and do not reach third party environments. Payment processors only see the transaction information the bank sends with the transaction.

• By concluding the purchase agreement, the buyer gives the seller permission to process his contact details until the time of his written opposition to the processing. The contact details that the buyer provides when ordering is used exclusively for our needs and will not be provided to other entities except for payment and shipping processors.

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