Protection of personal data

l. Introductory provisions


1. For the purposes of this Code:

Operator - Taste Of Asia s.r.o. ul. Nákupní 468/14, 736 01, Havířov, IČ 07451962

Personal information - name and surname, business name, e-mail address, phone number, billing address, delivery address, IP address, cookies, business identification number and business tax identification number.

2. The e-shop operator as a Personal Data Administrator hereby informs you about the manner and scope of processing of Personal Data, including the scope of the Rights of the Subscriber (as defined below) related to the processing of his Personal Data.

3. The operator shall process the personal data in accordance with the following legal regulations of the Czech Republic and the European Union

• Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000.

• Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereafter "the Regulation")

• Act No. 480/2004 on Information Society Services

• Act No. 563/1991 Accounting, Act No. 89/2012, The Civil Code, Act No. 634/1992, Consumer Protection and if applicable in accordance with other legal regulations

4. A participant is a person, both business and non-business, who buys from the Operator Goods and Services.

5. An operator is a legal entity that operates this online business for the purpose of selling goods and services. In connection with the above, we process Personal Data:

• to the extent that they were provided in connection with the ordering of the Products and / or Services of the Operator, respectively. in the negotiation of conclusion of a contract with the Operator, as well as in connection with a concluded contract;

• For the purpose (s) listed below in Article II


II. The purposes and timing of the processing of Personal Data


1. The Operator processes Personal Data for the following purposes:

(a) Performance of a contract or, where appropriate, of another commitment and provision of services:

1. Personal data will be processed during negotiations for the conclusion of a contract between the Operator and the Subscriber for the purpose of concluding the contract as well as for the duration of the contractual relationship;

2. Marketing actions: For the purposes of marketing action, evaluation, termination, delivery of eventual winnings, etc. Processing time: during the marketing event

b) Compliance with the legal obligation (accounting, tax and archiving, provision of co-operation to administrative authorities, police, courts):

1. the tax document will be kept for 10 years from the termination of the contract: In order to fulfill the legal obligation to archive accounting documents pursuant to Act No. 563/1991 Accounting. Personal Data will be further processed and kept for 10 years starting with the year following the year in which the agreement between the Operator and the Participant was concluded.

2. fulfillment of obligations in connection with the exercise of rights of warranty claim, provision of cooperation to administrative authorities, police, court: The operator is authorized to process basic personal, identification and contact details of the customer, data on goods and data from the communication between the customer for a period of 4 years from the day the expiry of the warranty period for the goods.

c) Eligible interests of the Operator, protection of the rights and rights of the protected interests Operator:

1. Effective defense in the event of a dispute. The processing time is set here for 4 years from the expiration of the warranty period for the goods and is extended by the length of the dispute

2. The Operator's legitimate interest is also the sending of commercial offers (flat offers and individual offers) in accordance with Section 7 (3) of Act No. 480/2004 Certain Information Society Services and in accordance with Section 47 of the Regulation if the Operator details of electronic contact in connection with the sale of goods and services to the Subscriber.

d) Marketing and business offers of services of Provider:

1. Broadcasting of business offers of products and services: sending general advertising messages without targeting to a specific group of addressees. The period of processing of personal data is in this case 3 years.

2. Individual offer: sending advertising messages after evaluating some personal aspects related to a natural person. The operator does not perform profiling in accordance with Article 22 of the Regulation because it is not an automated processing but a manual creation of individual bids. The period of processing of personal data is in this case 3 years.

3. Sending questionnaires - customer reviews of the seller. Sending questionnaires to improve customer service. In the context of satisfaction and other surveys, the operator passes personal data to the third party's email address - another manager - to Google, Seznam, Heuréka. The period of processing of personal data is in this case 3 years. (the explicit consent of the Subscriber here is required).

4. Cookies: Short text files generated by a web server and stored on a computer through a browser. Two types are distinguished. First of all, cookies are necessary to ensure the functioning and analysis of the web (making electronic communications over the electronic communications network, using these cookies cannot be a disagreement). Furthermore, these are cookies that evaluate some personal aspects related to a particular individual. By using the second type of cookies, the Subscriber must agree. The processing time is 3 years in this case.

5. For re-marketing purposes, cookies are passed to other processors only if they have been approved for this purpose, with a maximum expiration date of 540 days. If your ad cookies are removed, it is not technically possible to remove the cookies you have previously forwarded to the developer immediately. The removal of cookies from the processor occurs automatically after the expiration date.


III. Privacy and processing information

1. If the Subscriber fails to provide his or her Personal Data, it is not possible to conclude and / or provide services of the Operator. Personal data is necessary in this context to provide a specific service or product of the Operator.

2. After expiry of the time limits referred to in Article II. The Operator deletes or anonymizes Personal Data.

3. The Subscriber is only required to provide the Operator with true and accurate Personal Data. The Accountable Party is responsible for the accuracy, accuracy and veracity of the Personal Data provided. The operator is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.

4. The Operator shall make every effort to avoid the unauthorized processing of Personal Data.

5. The Operator is entitled to transmit the Subscriber's personal data to third parties for the following purposes: completion of the ordering process, delivery of the customer's goods, customer satisfaction assessment, complaints handling.

6. Personal data is and will be processed in electronic form in a non-automated manner.

7. In the event that a customer chooses to deliver to a store that is a partner sales manager (operated by a separate entity), the trustee informs that the personal data entered in the reservation are passed to the partner store chosen by the customer, to the extent the name, surname, phone number, e-mail address.


IV. Rights of the Subscriber related to the processing

1 / The Rights of the Subscriber in relation to the protection of personal data:

1. require the Operator to access his or her Personal Data;

2. to repair the provided Personal Data;

3. the deletion of the provided Personal Data;

4. to restrict the processing of Personal Data

5. file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection.

6. The right to transfer personal data to another controller

7. Right to object to the processing of personal data

2 / The Participant may exercise its rights under paragraph 1 of this Article by means of a link indicated in the e-mail address sent by the Operator or by request at see contacts

3 / Rights under paragraph 1 of this Article. (c) and (d) cannot be applied to the extent and for the purposes referred to in Article II (1) (a), (b) and (c), with the exception of point ll (c) Article II, where the exercise of all the rights referred to in points

4 / In the event that the Subscriber considers that the Operator carries out the processing of his or her Personal Data contrary to the protection of his / her private and personal life or in violation of applicable law, especially if Personal Data is inaccurate regarding the purpose of processing, may:

a. Request an explanation from the Operator, by e-mail address, see contacts

b. Obstruct the processing and request by e-mail sent to the address see contacts so that the Operator ensures the removal of the resulting situation (by blocking, repairs, supplementing or deleting personal data). The Operator shall promptly decide on the objection and inform the Subscriber. If the Operator does not comply with the objection, the Subscriber has the right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection directly. This provision is without prejudice to the Participant's right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection directly with his complaint.

5 / If the Subscriber applies the right under this Article, the Operator is obliged to respond within 30 days of receipt of the request

6 / The acceptance of an application for the exercise of the right from Article IV, item 1 a) and f) is possible only by means of a data message or a letter with officially authenticated signature to the address of the company's registered office. The application must include an e-mail address to which a verification email will be sent to confirm the identity of the applicant.

7 / If the Subscriber applies one of the rights under Article IV, paragraph 1, the Operator has the right to request proof of the identity of the Subscriber. The request for access to personal data must therefore be sent from the applicant's e-mail address. If the request is made in a different form or from another email address, the Operator is entitled to request additional verification by replying to the verification email. If an applicant fails to prove his identity within 14 days of sending a verification email, his application for the exercise of the rights under Article IV., Paragraph 1 will not be accepted.

8 / The Operator is entitled in the case of a repeated and unreasonable request for a physical copy of the processed Personal Data to charge a reasonable fee for the administrative costs associated with it.


V. Final Provisions

1. All legal relationships arising in connection with the processing of Personal Data are governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, regardless of where access was made to them. The relevant Czech courts are competent to resolve any disputes arising in connection with the protection of privacy between the Subscriber and the Operator.

2. The data subject has the right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection (

This Policy shall become effective on 1 November 2018