Asian pastes and mixes - Energy kJ - 1174 kJ

Mixed paste blends from which you can simply prepare original Asian delicacies. Pastes that serve as a basis for traditional dishes throughout Asia. Fish and shrimp pastes serving mainly as flavorings or food ingredients.

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Pasta for Tom Yum soup 50 g

Pasta for Tom Yum soup 50 g

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1,90 € (3,80 €/100 g)
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Protein 100 g 2,5 g
Carbohydrates 100 g 23 g
Fats 100 g 18 g
Paste for the preparation of traditional Thai soup.

Thai soup Tom Yum

Thai soup Tom Yum

Tom yum is characterised by its distinct hot and sour flavours, with fragrant spices and herbs generously used in the broth.