Yuki&Love Mochi cakes with different fillings 450 g

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Japanese Mochi cakes with three different fillings. More

Mochi is a Japanese delicacy made from glutinous rice. It is a traditional dish that is served on various occasions such as New Year and weddings. Mochi is also used in some dishes such as oshizushi and daifuku. Mochi is made by boiling glutinous rice, then pounding it into a paste. The paste is then shaped into various shapes such as balls, squares or rectangles. Mochi is often served with sweet or savoury ingredients such as ice cream, chocolate, fruit or meat. The history of mochi dates back to the 8th century. Originally, mochi was used as a sacrificial food in Buddhist temples. In the 12th century, mochi began to be served as a common food. In the 16th century, mochi began to be used in the kitchen.

Ingredients: peanut: maltose, peanut paste 19,5 % (peanuts 88,1 %, sugar, soya oil, salt, flavouring), rice powder 15,2 %, sugar, peanut powder 2,5 %, water, soya flour, glucose, emulsifier: E471, preservative: E200, thickener: E415 Sesame: maltose, sesame paste 20% (sesame 53.2%, peanuts, red beans, sugar, glucose, emulsifier: E471, soya oil, flavouring, salt), rice powder 15,2 %, sugar, sesame 3 %, water, preservative: E200, emulsifier: E471, thickener: E415 red beans: Maltose, red bean paste 20 % (red beans 42,6 %, maltose, sugar, soybean oil), rice powder 15,2 %, sugar, potato powder, water, preservative: E200, emulsifier: E471, thickener: E415

Allergens- soy, nuts, sesame, peanuts

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy (kJ)- 1562 kJ

Energy (kcal)- 373 kcal

Fats- 1.5 g of which saturated 0.3 g

Carbohydrates- 87 g of which sugars 42 g

Protein- 1.9 g

Salt - 0.12 g

Allergens Peanuts, Nuts, Sesame, Soya
Net weight 450 g
Protein 100 g 2 g
Dietary limitations Without celery, Without mustard, Without crustaceans, Without mollusc, Without added glutamate, No added dyes, Without fish, Without sulphites, Without Lupines, Gluten-free, Without eggs
Energy kcal 373 kcal
Energy kJ 1562 kJ
Cuisine Asian, Japanese
Best Before 05/2024
Carbohydrates 100 g 87 g
Fats 100 g 2 g
Country of origin Taiwan
S.P. 2D
Compl. Packing pcs 12
EAN 4712905016104

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