City Aroma Shirataki Thin Noodles 400 g

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City Aroma

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Unique noodles made from the Konjac plant More

Noodle City Aroma Shirataki is a unique pasta made from the Konjac plant that brings a whole new experience to your kitchen. These exceptional noodles are great in a variety of mixes and also as a side dish. With their simple and quick preparation, you'll have a new favorite dish on your plate in minutes. The pasta itself has a mild and neutral flavour, which means it absorbs the flavour of the other ingredients you combine it with perfectly. This gives your dishes a new dimension and the ability to combine them with different flavourings and ingredients as you wish. The noodles are very low in fat and carbohydrates, free from added sugar and suitable for diabetics. Order your City Aroma Shirataki noodles now and discover a new dimension to your diet. This unique pasta is an excellent choice for those who love Asian cuisine and want to add something special to their meals.

Ingredients - Konjac 54%, water, acidity regulator, calcium hydroxide

Cooking direction: Rinse the product with a boiling water and then serve in soups or as cold dish with vegetables or meat.

Nutritional values in 100g

Energy (kJ) - 36 kJ

Energy (kcal) - 9.5 kcal

Fats- 0 g

Carbohydrates - 1.5 g of that sugars 0 g

Protein - 0 g

Salt - 0.1355 g

Země původu Čína
Balení 400 g
Kuchyně Asijská, Japonská
Energie kJ 36 kJ
Energie kcal 9 kcal
Sacharidy 100 g 1,5 g
Bílkoviny 100 g 0 g
Tuky 100 g 0 g
Dietní omezení Bez arašídů, Bez celeru, Bez hořčice, Bez korýšů, Bez měkkýšů, Bez mléka, Bez ořechů, Bez ryb, Bez sezamu, Bez sóji, Bez vlčího bobu, Bezvaječné, Bezlepkové
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Kompl. Balení ks 20
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