Monika Taro leaves 113 g

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Taro leaves, native to tropical areas of Asia, are the sturdy and ornamental leaves of the Colocasia esculenta plant. They are characterised by their heart-shaped to bullet-shaped form and dark green colour. The leaf margin is often purple or violet. Taro leaves are boiled, steamed or fried and used in salads, soups, curries, sauces, confections and side dishes. In Hawaiian culture, taro leaves are used to make the traditional dish poi, a fermented paste made from taro tubers. In Japan, taro leaves are used to make maki-zushi, sushi rolls filled with rice and other ingredients.

Preparation instructions: Soak the leaves in water and drain the water before using. Store in a dry place.

Net weight 113 g
Cuisine Asian, Japanese
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