Coconut vinegar 750 ml

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Coconut vinegar is very popular in the Philippines. More

Coconut vinegar is made from coconut water that is fermented. It is very popular in the Philippines. Excellent in dips, marinades and many other delicacies.

Coconut vinegar has a cloudy white appearance and a softer taste than fermented vinegar. It is used to prepare warm dishes, marinades, dips and soups.

Ingredients: acidity: 4.5%, coconut vinegar 66.7%, water, cane vinegar 16.6%, coloring agent: E150c, preservative: E223 (sulphite).

Keep in a dry place.

Allergens: sulphite

Traditionally, Sukang Paombong is made from extracted coconut palm juice, which is fermented in clay jars for six months in the middle of the sun, wind and rain. By using scientific, hygienic and qualitatively controlled fermentation methods, the same natural qualities in our traditional spirit are achieved in our Sukang Paombong. Sediment deposits are a sign that vinegar has retained all its nutritional values.

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